Our Projects


Group of

  • Swati Corporation, Pakistan
  • Swati Engineering & Construction Corportation, Pakistan
  • Swati Corporation PTE Ltd, Singapore
  • Swati Corporation FZC, Dubai
  • Swati Trading LLC, Dubai
  • Swati Technologies
  • Swati Corporation, Turkey
  • Euroko International Pvt Ltd, Pakistan
  • Euroko International Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Interlink LLC, Dubai



Completed Renewable Energy Projects

  • Sachal Wind Farm 50MW 
  • Act I Wind Farm 30MW
  • Master I Wind Energy 50MW
  • Harford Alternative Energy 50MW
  • Jhimpir Wind Power Plant 50MW
  • Sapphire Wind Farm 50MW
  • Tricon Boston 150MW
  • Artistic Energy 50MW
  • COMSATS Islamabad, Solar Energy 100kW
  • Agriculture Department Punjab, 50+ solar sites
  • + Home and commercial solar installations

Completed Aluminum & Glass Projects

  • Burj Khalifa, Dubai (Interlink LLC)
  • Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi (Interlink LLC)
  • Sun Tower, Abu Dhabi (Interlink LLC)
  • Marina Hotel, Abu Dhabi (Interlink LLC)
  • + Projects across the UAE 

Ongoing Renewable Energy Projects

  • Indus Wind Energy Limited 50MW
  • Lakeside Wind Farm 50MW
  • Din Wind Farm 50MW
  • Gul Ahmad Wind Farm 50MW
  • Metro Wind Farm 60MW
  • Tricom Wind Farm 50MW
  • Liberty 1 Wind Farm 50MW
  • Liberty Wind Farm 50MW
  • NASDA Wind Farm 50MW
  • Master II Wind Farm 60MW
  • ACT II Wind Farm 50MW

Ongoing Real Estate

  • Raiwind One, Lahore Pakistan
  • Polo Ranches, Islamabad Pakistan

Ongoing Transportation

    • Gwadar-Jacobabad, Pakistan Railways



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